Wink is a free software package available to PowerPro users, offering the means to record visual demonstrations of features of their PowerPro configuration in order to share with other members of the PowerPro community.

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My PowerPro configuration 781 KB Alex Peters 16/07/2004 800600 Play / Full Screen
ARB demo 1,501 KB David Troesch 05/08/2004 800600 Play / Full Screen
Building a window control menu 801 KB David Troesch 17/07/2004 800600 Play / Full Screen
Keeping your Emails clean on the Yahoo groups 574 KB David Troesch 22/08/2004 800600 Play / Full Screen
Keyboard macros 704 KB David Troesch 03/08/2004 800600 Play / Full Screen
Setting standard PowerPro options 586 KB David Troesch 22/08/2004 800600 Play / Full Screen
Setting up Explorer folder tracking 1,307 KB David Troesch 22/08/2004 800600 Play / Full Screen
Creating Keyboard Macros - Updated! 411 KB David Troesch 23/02/2005 800600 Play / Full Screen
Keyboard Macro Extras! 1,356 KB David Troesch 24/02/2005 800600 Play / Full Screen
3,342 KB 23/04/2007 1024768 Play / Full Screen

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If you would like to develop your own Winks (flash tutorials) for PowerPro, here are some build suggestions to keep in mind:

Special thanks to Suleyman Kesir for introducing PowerPro's Yahoo! Group audience to Wink; to David Troesch for hosting this service and to Alex Peters for programming the web interface.